Monday, July 13, 2015

Rental Properties Are A Problem For Me

I am not pleased with the condition of rental properties in the subdivision. I am also very unhappy with the seemingly inability of the HOA to do anything about them,. Here is text from recent email.

I am increasingly frustrated with the condition of rental property XXXXX  Walnut Creek and the seemingly inaction on the part of ACMI to correct the problem. I will be following up this email with a telephone call. Hopefully, we can come to an understanding about this property and your organization's ability to enforce the regulations. I am not pleased at this time.

The property continues to go without mowing, hole in the fence, and for about one week last week, no garage door. That fortunately has been corrected. I want to know what your organization's plan is to enforce rental property codes? I have an online blog that gets many hits per month for Walnut Creek and I haven't brought this up, but soon plan to.

If feel I was lied to by representatives of Lennar when I purchased my home with regards to the home owner's association.

At the end of the day, I am your customer, yet my calls and email messages go unanswered. That's not what I signed up for. 

PS: I see that I've mentioned this before. To my readers. If you are reading this blog in anticipation of purchasing a new home in Walnut Creek, please bring this up to the Builder's Representative. They need to know they are probably misinformed about the benefits of the current HOA.

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